We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep your beloved pet. We are a no judgment Rescue and will help in any way we can. If you are in need of help rehoming your pet, please read over our surrender form, which we will also get you to complete on the date of animal surrender. When you are ready, get in touch to organize how and when we can find a new home for your cat or kitten.



Terms of surrender for Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue as stated:

• All information provided upon surrender is truthful and accurate. The person signing change of ownership papers and surrendering the animal is by law the owner of the pet or has genuine written consent (to be provided) to surrender the animal. Once the person responsible for signing the animal over for surrender has completed paperwork, the animal cannot be returned unless Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue is satisfied the animal will be safe, or rehomed in a responsible manner otherwise.

Updates will be provided for the person surrendering throughout the rehoming period, ensuring the transition is smooth and as easy as the process can be. Animals surrendered will not be ‘bought’, all animals surrendered will not be paid for under any circumstance.


Animal Information

Name of animal: ________________________________

Age of animal: _____________________

Type of animal: _________________

Gender: ______________

Last vet visit: __________________________

Last vaccination date: _______________________

Indoor/Outdoor pet: ________________________

Microchip Number (if applicable): _____________________________

Is the animal Desexed: ____________

Date of desexing: _________________

Previous vet name & location: _____________________________________

Known Health and Behavioural conditions/problems: ____________________________________________________________

Owner Information

Name: ___________________________

Suburb: _________________________

Phone: __________________________

By signing the following form, I agree to all above stated terms on surrendering my animal to the care of Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue