Terms and Conditions

If you are ready to apply to adopt one of our very lucky Little Beans, we will need to ensure you read our Terms and Conditions very carefully and understand them before you agree to go ahead with the adoption. If you are accepted to adopt, we require you to sign our Terms and Conditions on the day you pick up your new family member.


By signing this form:

  • I agree to all as follows Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue adoption processes, and will accept and follow all guidelines, clauses and terms.

  • I agree that I am adopting a rescue cat that has been vet checked, which includes but not limited to: spay/neutering, vaccination, microchipping, flea and worm treated, which will all be completed before beign released from Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescues care.

  • I understand there is an adoption fee associated with the adoption of a cat or kitten from Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue and this fee must be paid in full before the cat or kitten is taken home and signed over, unless otherwise stated and signed.

  • I agree that if given the opportunity to meet my chosen Cat or Kitten prior to them being ready for adoption, I will need to pay Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue a non-refundable $50 deposit to have my chosen Cat or Kitten held over the appropriate period of time until they are ready for adoption.  

  • I understand for whatever reason I can no longer commit to adopting my chosen Cat or Kitten that Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue will not return my intial $50 deposit.

  • I understand that Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue will disclose any of the cat or kittens known health or behavior issues by the above named rescue group before adoption is completed. 

  • I agree to the 10 day health agreement from the day of adoption, which states that the cat or kitten has been health checked by a qualified veterinarian and cleared for adoption. If my chosen Cat or kitten becomes ill within the 10 day period, the cat or kitten can be returned to Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue’s veterinary practice (HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital) for appropriate care and will be financially supported by the Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue.

  • I agree that if your chosen Cat or Kitten becomes ill within the 10 day period after adoption and you choose to have your Cat or Kitten treated by a different veterinarian, the expenses will NOT be covered by Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue.

  • I understand there is no "Cooling off"period, and that if I no longer want or can no longer care for my adopted CAt or Kitten, I agree to notify Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue and provide a 14 day period to allow Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue to make arrangements for my Cat or Kitten to be taken back into care.

  • I understand that if for whatever reason I can no longer keep my adopted Cat or Kitten, the entire adoption fee will NOT be returned.

  • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue against any losses, lawsuits, claims, injury, damages incurred by me or to any persons or property by my adopted cat or kitten, once adoption has been completed. 

  • I agree to all of the above information and am signing with full awareness and understanding.