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Below is where we list the cats and kittens available for adoption applications



MC: 991003001681639

Buffy is approximately a year old and came to care after she was found cold, wet and hungry on a porch. Efforts were made to find her home, but unfortunately no one had come forward for her. We believe Buffy had been dumped after she’d had a litter of kittens, her babies nowhere to be found. Buffy is an extremely affectionate girl who is very vocal, she loves to talk and follow you wherever you go. She is a big smooch who wants 100% of your attention. She would be happy to help you out around the house by keeping you company and at the end of day snuggle up with you where she is safe and warm. Buffy is not a fan of dogs or other cats, becoming cranky with them in her space. Buffy would make a beautiful companion for a family without other pets, suitable for kids and chaos. We would prefer she go to a home where she is indoors only due to the discomfort and stress she appeared to be in when she was found outdoors. 



MC: 991003001765002

Montana is approximately 2 years old and came to care many months ago as a dumped cat with her family of 8. Montana is very nervous around humans and prefers to be independent majority of the time. Montana would suit a barn cat home, or a home where her family doesn’t expect a whole lot from her. Once she does learn to trust her humans she loves neck scratches, chin rubs and butt scratches. She is never aggressive, however responds in flight reaction when she feels threatened or overwhelmed (runs away). Montana is a sweet and laid-back soul who we believe has endured violence and neglect, so would need someone extremely patient and understanding, willing to work with her on becoming confident again. 


Havana - Pending Adoption

MC: 991003001681565

Oh where do we even start with Havana banana. 

Havana came to care with her 3 brothers as surrenders. She was itty bitty at 300 grams and very malnourished. She has come in leaps and bounds and is still tiny, but mighty. Her brothers have all found forever homes yet she is still waiting for that right fit. 

Havana was born on the 10th of March and is still gaining appropriate weight for her desexing procedure (roughly 2-3 weeks). Her mum is a Russian blue, her dad a ragdoll x. 

Havana is an absolute lover, she is obsessed with her humans and just wants to cuddle ALL the time. Havana has developed anxiety since her brothers have left, so she strictly needs a home where she isn’t on her own. She needs a family who are home majority of the time, or have friendly cats to snuggle and play with her. Havana is gentle and sweet, she is great with small children, other cats, dogs, rabbits and any pet she comes into contact with. She must be an indoor only kitten. 

If you think you might be the right fit for Havana please head to our website and fill in an application form.



MC: 991003001678347

Brandy came to care with her 2 sisters absolutely petrified and quite anti-social. Brandy was very cranky and would lash out in complete fear for her life. She has spent many weeks receiving one on one socialising and is now a completely different little girl! Brandy has come a LONG way and we do require a special home for her as she may become scared again in a new environment with new people. This means she will need someone with lots of patience and extensive experience with cats. Brandy is very independent and has sass, she is the absolute boss. Brandy has been in care with other cats and dogs and does sometimes enjoy their company, but in small doses. She would suit well to a home as an only cat or one with very chill pet siblings who won’t overwhelm her. Brandy will now lean in for pats and affection, and we do believe within time she would grow into a beautiful little lap cat. 
Brandy is approximately 13 weeks old and long hair. She would require an indoor only home. She would also require mature children ONLY in her new home. Children who are patient, quite and won’t easily spook her.



MC: 991003001673546



MC: 991003001678933