Little Beans Cat and Kitten Rescue


Vet Work
All Cats and Kittens in our care are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, worm and flea treated before being released to their new homes with complete records given to the adopter.
Our vet is HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital located in Braemar, Southern Highlands, New South Wales.

Adoption fee
Our adoption fee is $250 per Cat or Kitten, a discount applies for a double adoption and priority is taken ($450 for a pair).

Little Beans Environment
All our Cats and Kittens are socialised around other pets including both small and large dogs as well as children. As a result, the majority are Cat, Dog and child friendly.

• Diet
Our Cats and Kittens are fed Advance Kitten/Adult dry biscuits which can be purchased online or at most pet stores and eat a selection of wet Kitten food including Felix, Royal Canin and Fancy Feast.

Meet and Greets
We ask that you come and meet your chosen Cat or Kitten to ensure they are the perfect match for your family. We are located in Bargo and Tahmoor, Wollondilly, New South Wales.

Adopting during COVID-19

We ask that you where a face mask when entering our homes for either a meet and greet or collection your chosen Cat/Kitten. This is to ensure the safety of us and yourself

Choosing your Cat
When it comes to selecting a Cat or Kitten, take your time to think about what type of cat you are after, and what type of pet is right for you and your family. You should take into account your family dynamic, lifestyle and household type.

Once you have chosen your Cat or Kitten, we ask for a $50 holding deposit until their vet work is complete and they are ready to take home.

Taking your cat home
We will either arrange for you to pick up your cat from our homes (Bargo and Tahmoor) or from our vet located in Braemar. We will talk you through basics of cat care, the paperwork you have just filled out/received and what to expect in the first few days, this may include; How to introduce your cat to your other pets or family. What can go wrong in the first few days and how to manage it. What good and bad looks like and how to prepare.

Cat and Kitten requirements
You need to ensure your Cat or Kitten has access to; Litter tray/s, fresh drinking water and food, scratching posts and toys to play with, places for hiding and sleeping, adequate exercise, plenty of horizontal and vertical space

Our policy
Most importantly, at Little Beans Rescue, they are not just ‘Cats’, they are family. You can get to know them on our page, you are welcome to visit them and ask as many questions as you need before and after you adopt just remember, we will ALWAYS take our pets back if they are no longer wanted.